vrijdag 1 november 2013

flute cloth

I had the idea of  adding memories of my walks to this cloth. So last monday, we had a big storm here, and I saw lots of leaves flying around. And as wind causes the melody of my native American flute, I welcome the  spirit of wind in this cloth.
I decided to stick to one blog. Perhaps I'll stop using facebook. Swiebertje couldn't agree less!
I learnt so much in Jude's workshops!

vrijdag 27 september 2013


Hi everybody,

I'm all in the flow of autumn, I think. Because I'm rearranging my blog. Perhaps I'll split things up into two blogs. One for the things I make and another one for my spiritual thoughts. But I'm still considering this.

I haven't posted anything for sometime. I spent more time on facebook, but well, I'm also reconsidering facebook, lately it has felt so useless. I began missing the deeper aspect of blogging.

Please feel free to give me some advice about making two blogs.

 Indigo fermentation vat.
Cloth for my native American flute.