dinsdag 27 januari 2015

The child within

Part of the Spiral Journey is giving myself permission to draw as a child.

And to show the drawing. Accepting that this is how I draw and that that is OK.

maandag 26 januari 2015

New blog name

Today I changed my blog's name into The Spiral Journey.
The former name "Inanna Shamaya" doesn't feel right anymore as I would like the title to give more expression to how I experience life at the moment. To me living feels like a spiral. Some things in life you've seen/done before, but you get into it more deeply each time you visit them, you get a better understanding of yourself. But letting go of the former name feels somewhat scary too...

Vandaag heb ik de naam van mijn blog veranderd. De vorige naam "Inanna Shamaya" paste niet meer bij hoe ik nu in het leven sta. Ik ervaar het leven steeds meer als een spiraal. Een spiraal waar langs ik steeds beter begrijp wie ik ben. Het loslaten van de vorige naam voelt een beetje spannend ... 

zaterdag 27 december 2014

Medicine pouch

This month I made a medicine pouch. 
I felted merino wool around a pebble and did some embroidery on the pouch. The feather is for the element of air.

vrijdag 31 oktober 2014


Look at the resemblance, I just noticed today, while browsing my photos!

woensdag 15 oktober 2014

For colder days

A friend got me into knitting a shawl. And another friend taught us how to do this pattern. I don't think of myself as a knitter, but this shawl was very appealing so they won me over. And it's also getting me out off my own box, trying new things even if it's just a shawl.

Mother Earth's Colours

I got some walnuts from a friend, so I made a nice walnut soup for my sock yarn. The funny thing was that it smelled like paint. No mordant needed, too. Just walnuts and water. I love it because it all comes from Mother Earth.

The yarn got a nice warm brown colour. I dip dyed it. Later I put a can in the soup and that gave a grey brown colour.  It's just magic.

woensdag 1 oktober 2014

The box

Sometimes it feels as if I'm in a box. It's a safe place, but it blocks the view.

But I can look over the box carefully, and gradually try to get out of it. I can always return to it, can't I?