vrijdag 27 september 2013


Hi everybody,

I'm all in the flow of autumn, I think. Because I'm rearranging my blog. Perhaps I'll split things up into two blogs. One for the things I make and another one for my spiritual thoughts. But I'm still considering this.

I haven't posted anything for sometime. I spent more time on facebook, but well, I'm also reconsidering facebook, lately it has felt so useless. I began missing the deeper aspect of blogging.

Please feel free to give me some advice about making two blogs.

 Indigo fermentation vat.
Cloth for my native American flute.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Sandra, wat fijn om weer wat van je te horen !!!
    Wat een prachtig garen heb je gemaakt !
    (nee, mijn indigo vat is er nog steeds niet, en met de
    herfst/winter in aantocht zal dat dit jaar niet lukken ook ...)
    Ben benieuwd wat je gaat doen met bloggen : ik blijf je
    sowieso volgen ;-)

  2. Hi Sandra, welcome back! I vote for one blog with both kinds of postings...that would be my first choice, but I can understand keeping them separate and seeing if that works better. Either way, I would be interested to read it or them!

  3. nee nee nee geen 2 blogs
    facebool is hollow
    jouw blog mooi en diep!!!!!!

  4. i had multiple blogs but find that i have returned to the simplicity of one and now i find it easier to think and handle it all that way. but good to see you abck and thinking about it!